Monday, December 3, 2012

Back again.

Here we go, once more. Phew. This is actually just about the first time during the past week that i'v had the luxury to sit down, put on some music, get some coffee and actually just write something down:) 

First of all, i'll tell you about the Friday week ago.  You guessed it, more live shows :) This time with my little sister, her friend (also my cousin) and one of my best friends. The band's this time were: Dynazty & Raubtier as the opening acts, and Sabaton as the main act.

A word about the two opening act's: 


Dynazty is a Heavy metal band from Sweden, three albums out. All and all, they had the right "feel" on performing heavy metal, okay stuff i'd say. 

A thumbs up for the Whitesnake shirt! Whitesnake is the shit when it comes to hard rock, and you can just smell all the influence on these guys :P


Raubtier is a Industrial metal band from Sweden also. Three albums out just like the first band. Not really a band that i liked at all, but the Bass player was pretty awesome, but then again, he's a pretty old timer in the whole metal industry, while being on of the co founders of "Scar symmetry" As a guitarist might i add, he's produced studio's for bands like "Zonaria", "Sonic Syndicate" And "Darzamat" and also he's helped in the mastering of Immortal's "All shall fall".



Actual pic from the show.
For those who do not know: Sabaton is a Swedish power metal act, formed in 1999, they have put out six studio albums and all trough i do not have that much power metal in my arsenal of metal, i can say without a doubt that Sabaton is one of the best ones that power metal has to offer. Sabaton's songs are almost always filled with really hooking guitar action and vocal melodies. The lyrics of Sabaton revolves around war as a common subject, they songs themed with just about any war there is, there's stuff about The battle of Passchendaele, about the nuclear strikes against Japan, about The Finnish winter war, The Nazis, D-Day and countless of others common subjects of WW1 & 2.

I'v seen Sabaton once before, during Tuska festival here in Finland. And it was actually really odd coincidence that Sabaton came to Tampere: Enter the summer of 2012, Tuska festival, i'm there (With the sane guy that came with me to see them in Tampere no less) Our main reason of attending Tuska was to see Behemoth, we are both huge fans of Behemoth so that was obviously amazing, even tho it rained during they're gig, but that just added to the mood. 

We saw Behemoth and did something afterwards, and then Sabaton started playing on the other stage, and we figured that why the fuck not see them since we were there, but alas, we didn't get really good places in the crowd, since we didn't rush it into the front like we did with Behemoth. Didn't have the best place in the crowd, but Sabaton was still pretty damn good, the live performance of Sabaton is just amazing, even if you are not into the music they make, just go ahead and see them, the energy and even the comedy they but out is hard to match. Kind of reminds me of Iron maiden's live "energy".  

I had fun, all trough i had a poor placement in the crowd. And now six months later *boom* Sabaton is coming to Tampere, to the same old venue, which means, epic crowd placement is confirmed.

There's Sabaton during Tuska.

Here's the setlist of Sabaton's gig in Tampere: 

1. Ghost Division.
2. Gott Mit Uns
3. White Death.
4. Carolus Rex
5. Karolinens Bön.
6. 40 :1
7. Cliffs of Gallipoli.
8. Uprising
9. The lion from the north.
10. The hammer has fallen.
11. Attero Dominatus.
12: The art of war.
13. Talvisota.
14: Primo victoria.
15: Metal Crue.

Sabaton even played some of they're demo stuff, in which, Joakim (vox) played the keyboards.

The whole venue was, again, absolutely filled. And the attendance of the crowd was close to it's maximum. 

Sabaton even announced that they will in fact attend another Finnish metal festival, "Sauna open air" in June 2013. Besides Sabaton, Sauna will feature: Nightwish, Opeth, Children of bodom, volbeat and more to be announced. I might just go for the fun of it. All trough i'v seen both Children of bodom and Sabaton twice now, i'm sure that it would still be amazingly fun...

I love the "Play station" shirt!

There's some video material from Sabaton's gig. Again, thx to whomever actually filmed it (:

So that's that. Next subject ->

Got a nice baggage from the UK a while back: "Dyscarnate" hoodie and a tablature book of they're album "And so it came to pass". I love the back print on the hoodie.

Here we go.....

Dyscarnate is a band that i found through a friend about a year ago, and since then and thousands of hours of listening to it, it has came to be one of my favorite artist's, which are many, since i could never name one artist to be the absolute favorite of mine.

Dyscarnate is straightforward death metal, that shows one that you don't need overly complex Tech death riffing in order to be good. The music is really catchy, the drum sound is just fantastic and the vocals will never be boring since they mix high vocals and low ones. They follow the trail of Dying fetus and show the world that you can make amazing music with three guys. Every now and then when i came across one of those highly ignorant "No one makes good death metal now-days" I'll just respond with "Bitch, you haven't heard Dyscarnate yet" and just go away and feel sorry for the guy who's musical appreciation is so limited that he can't see the good in many forms of metal music, even if it was made during 2012 etc.

Since they're inception, Dyscarnate has made two albums: The first one on the righ "Enduring the massacre" and the red one on the left "And so it came to pass". Both are an amazing show of class A death metal.

Now i'm just waiting for the day when Dyscarnate enters the studio again to bless us with the awesomeness that they are, and of course, European tour plz :)

Also, i really like that Ibanez!

The weekend.

This weekend was full of all kinds of stuff too. Spend the Friday at one of my best friend's house, we did some work on these songs that we have been crafting for a couple of weeks. We have a couple of songs done, from Trash/death to Symphonic/black.

Midi - Death metal fuck yeah!

Aaaaand did some serious Whitesnake karaoke!

The other half of the weekend i spend with another one of my best friend's, doing the usual video games and movie´'s stuff :P

The first snow that fell about half a month ago unfortunately did not last for long, since it melted away, but during this weekend it started to snow again, and the temperatures (-15c) are hinting that this time it will stay!  
Now lets hope that the downhill skiing slopes will open soon!

I'll end this one with what is probably one of the most known Sabaton titles: Primo victoria!

Power metal, fuck yeah!

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