Thursday, November 15, 2012

Here i go again

Today was a great day and i hope that i won't fall asleep while writing this, so i'm going to keep this one relatively short.

 Around 18.00 i headed for this club, and no it wasn't your normal club night, Cardle of Filth (And a few other bands) were playing in there tonight! And that was obviously something i didn't want to skip! The venue inside the club was really small, and even tho the whole place was filled, there weren't more than 70 people in there, but the atmosphere was amazing. Anyways

Let's start with the first bands:

Band #1

Dark end is an Italian symphonic black metal act, with three albums out so far, called: "Damned woman and a carcass". "Assassine" and the latest one "Grand Guignol, book 1"

They were a band that i had never heard of, but as an avid Symphonic black metal fan, i found no reason not  to add this band into my collection. 

Dark end but out a really good show, the music sounded great, with no problems in hearing the guitar, vocals etc, the only real problem was that they're set list was probably like 30 minutes long :/

Cheers up there! also, give me that ESP LTD :<

Like i said, i didn't know the music at all, but i still enjoyed it! All and all, nice opening act for bands to come, 
and not a bad band at all.

Dark picture is dark.

Even had a nice talk with Luca, the vocalist of Dark end, as we both found ourself's in the crowd.  such a nice fellow.

Here's a song by "Dark end" or "Darkend" i'm not sure which style to write it to pick, since both are used somewhere :)

Obviously, as i basically discovered the band a couple of hours ago, i'm not sure if this is thy're to notch stuff, but here's a nice song for you:

Band # 2

Rotting Christ!

Next up was Rotting Christ, the Greece black metal titans, i'm a big fan of those guys, and this was obviously something i was looking forwards to. RC played songs like: "Thy Mighty Conract" "Non serviam" "A Dead poem and "Aealo". And damn, they sounded superbly good!

Here's a video from the gig, not filmed by me. (Thx to whomever filmed it!)

RC was really good, which is nothing that surprised me :)

I had my talk with Sakis (GTR/VOX) too, after spotting him near the bar! Really humble guy:)

Band # 3

God Seed

Ah, God seed, the joyfull looking bunch of traditional Black metallers. Formed by the one and the only Ghaal   
and King ov hell.

 I'm not the biggest Gorgoroth fan out there (God seed played some Gorgoroth stuff too) but i still enjoy some stuff by them. 

I wasn't familiar with the works of "God seed", but i knew some of the Gorgoroth stuff, my favorite one that they played had to be "Carving a giant"

Band # 4

Cradle of filth, a band that will not need introductions. They played for about 130 minutes, set list including songs like "Cthulhu Dawn" "For your vulgar delecation", "Nymphetamine" "Born in a burial gown" "Funeral in Carpathia" and so forth. 

Oi! Paul!

I'v been a Cradle fan since.... Well, i can't remember a time when i wasn't a fan of them, all tough i must admit that i haven't listened to them that much lately.

I own 6 CoF album's, so i'm still a "few" short. My overall favorite albums of them ever are: "Cruelty and the beast" and "Dusk and her embrace" but i don't hate any of CoF's work.

The man himself!

That was a nice 5 hours of banging my head and yelling at the top of my lungs, and some drinking too, all trough i always stick with the beer if i'm in a live show, anything harder then beer will just cause me to miss the whole show :)

So i phoned my friend to pick me up and had around 40 minutes to spend in the venue. I bought a couple of beers and just waltzed around, talking to people, listening to the music that was played there and all that, and those 40 minutes i spend in that place were one of the most metal things i have ever done!

I drank a beer with Gaahl, hah. I have to say that he's actually extremely polite, he knows a lot about things and overall doesn't appear to take himself all that seriously. He was an interesting person to talk to!

Well, my whole body hurts, my arms are in a coma, but at least i can say without any doubt that i had shitloads of fun...........And i can say that i drank with Gaahl :p

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