Friday, January 18, 2013

15 track to wake the dead.....

Another thing while i'm still on my vacation. Last week, i bought a Metal Hammer magazine and it had this demo / sample CD, with 15 songs by 15 different artists, and i thought that i could go though it and write my opinions down. I have no idea of the genre of the songs and there's only one band that i have head of in there, so this should be fun. Hoping to discover a few bands.

Let's pop her in and get going.


The whole thing starts with "Armed for apocalypse's" song "The demon who makes trophies of men".

It's slow, heavy and brutal, it's sludge. A genre that i don't pay that much attention to. The riffing is you'r basic fifth chord slides and the heavy rhythmic "bom" "bom" "BOM" 's The vocals are a bit too black metal to fit well in here. And there's a super brutal moment too. Not a great song, you'r basic really slow and heavy  piece. Actually the best part is this about 15 seconds long "show off" of death metal riffing near the end :P

If you're a hardcore brutal dm / sludge fan, you can check them out, but don't expect miracles. 


Meta stasis - "Space occupying lesion"

Okay, what the fuck is this, it's some kind of highly experimental, messed up form of grind core, i liked bit's of it from here and there, but as a whole, it doesn't really work for me. Basically  it's good when they keep it in the borders of going not too damn experimental. There are some weird audio clips heard a couple of times during the music, but they are mixed just low enough not to make sense out of them. 

The solo's nice tho.


Possibly the most brutal logo out there
Party cannon - "We prefer the term living impaired"

It's an okay song, as i am not a huge fan of ultra brutal death metal, the lead vocals are in my opinion worse than the ones used a couple of times on this track. The drum work and guitar's sound really nice. They sure don't take themselves too seriously ;) "god daymn"


Bound by exile - "Aborted Atrocity"

Okay, here we have what is the best song so far on the list, it's just how i like my death core, fast and aggressive with minimum  amount of typically executed breakdowns. This one is actually just fine. There are a couple of extremely fast double bass sections in there, and a LOT of blast beat. Aaaand a short arpeggio scale. It's gooooood.


Osiah - "The blood soaked meadows"

Starts up with what could be an recording used as proof in a rape case, this is not how you make a good intro. It leans a bit over to your typical death core, the riffing has that annoying pattern with lot's of muting, you know what i'm talking about. At least the singer(s) is really diverse, which explains all the pig squeal vocals, which i greatly dislike. Aaaand of course the song is almost 7 minutes long. There are some good shred's and bomb blast's if i need to find something good from it. 


Subservience - "Exit wounds"

Starts up with a distort / clean guitar dual riffing (that's how you /intro) , which is pretty nice, and here we go. It's good. sort of groovy sounding death metal. The vocalist mixes high and low vocals, which i always love, there are "calm" melodies and the drumming is steady on. The only minus is the ending of the song, which is that the song just basically stops, like it hit the wall or something, all though the purpose of it could be a passage to another song on they're album. yeah, it's good.


The atrocity Exhibit - "The bitter aftertaste of exploitation" 

On a side note, how come most of the songs are titled so damn long, it's almost Nile out here.

First thing, damn that snare sounds good. This one is really groove-ish grind core basically. The only problem is that it really doesn't stand out, it's just you're basic metal music, the like of which there are thousands upon thousands of bands in each metal sub genre ever made. It's not bad, but neither is it good, it just is.


Xisforeyes - "Serpentine Magnetoesthetic" 
(hard words are hard)

Upon seeing the logo, i knew that there were only two alternatives of the genre of the music, either death core or some ultra technical death metal. 

Well, it's the first kind. It's okay, stands out way more than the band before it. It's not filled with breakdowns, and somehow a bunch of riff's remind me of black metal, and it's the first bands to feature keyboard's that are audio able. 

Moving on.


Black veins - "The cycle will never cease to end"

It starts up with a study bass line, which reminds me of Solstices bass sound. It's fast, proggressive, Napalm death sounding, nothing groundbreaking and really short. 


<No pic here>

Red Shachath - "Follow the bastard prophet" 

begins with a Gaahl like scream, only worse. Another one that doesn't really go anywhere, it's a bit more on the OSDM side, but i wouldn't call it old school death metal. The drumming reminds me of old Cannibal corpse.


Seprevation - "Sea of thoughts" 

okay, it's one of the bands that employs both thrash metal vocals and death metal vocals. The riffing sounds really Morbid angle. And the double bass sounds triggered as hell. Pretty solid.


Foetal juice - "Brewkakke"

And here's one of those gore themed death metal acts, the guitars sound almost black metal, and the vocals are....well....Brutal? Nothing to be seen here.


Regurgitate life - "The living stillborn pt 1 / pt 2

Upon seeing this logo i thought that i was walking into a mindless brutal death metal fest. But this one is actually executed nicely, the vocals are not too messy, and the riffs are catchy from time to time.


In the hills - "Season of the witch"

It's the calm AFTER the storm, with the nice piano intro. too bad the intro was the only part that i liked.  :(


Some Doom metal in here. Which was expected after i noticed that the song is 10 minutes long :P Usually, i don't really go for doom metal or progressive metal because i don't like songs that are 10 minutes (or longer) with about three riffs, each one looping for 4 minutes. The same problem comes into play here. the song just doesn't evolve enough for it to be worth 10 minutes. At least there's a nice acoustic "calm" state near 2:50. 

So that's the whole thing, a bit death core / Brutal dm filled. I miss Dm and melodeath all ready :)

There were three bands that got my attention and they were : 

Bound by exile, Subservience and Xisforeyes. 

Check them out if you want to :)

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