Thursday, January 3, 2013


Hello, whomever you might be, i'm back from my vacation in northern Finland (Lapland)
Like i said, we headed out to northern Finland on 25th of December, and returned on the 2th. The main goal of our journey was to do some downhill-sking and snowboarding. We had a group of six people, and all i can say is that it was really fun. 

Except for the trip of about 850 kilometers (520 miles), which took us 11 hours of driving and sitting inside the car. 

If you like snowboarding, and don't mind the cold, norther Finland is a heaven. We did spend most of our dime in the slopes, from early on the morning to about 18.00 when they closed down.

Some days were a bit cold, but mostly the temperatures were tolerable.

There was plenty of snow, which was nice. Even tho we basically had to push our car up to the main road on  a couple of days :)

We didn't go on the 1st, since we did some partying on new year's eve, everything went as expected.

And since (unfortunately) Like i said in the post before this, me, and two of my friends who were in Lapland with me, have to departure to the military for six moths on the 7th, which is the next Monday. So we had to cut our hair. We didn't just cut them on the spot, we created haircuts of our own and kept them for a while, until finally doing the baldy.

I had this punker hair thing, unfortunately we didn't have any hair color packs with us, i would have loved to color it red :<

Aaaaand my other friend did this hilarious Bald / long hair mixture, which caused him to take on the looks of something absolutely hilarious.

And here we finally go. There's my sister abusing what hair i had left to destroy.

There's the final result. It's a bit cold now, since all i have to cover my head is...nothing. At least showering is ridiculously fast now.

A fitting song to listen to atm.

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