Thursday, December 19, 2013

My not so normal Wednesday

It's one of those shitty winters here in Finland, the snow came in really early, then melted away due to the "warm" weathers, and now theres none of it, and we're almost at the end of December... At least i got my trip to northern Finland from 25.12 to 02.01 to look forwards to :)

Perfect weather for a bit of black metal...
Here we go again, yup, more live shows :D This time around it was the Taiwanese melodeath band "Chthonic" which i'm a huge fan of, and the Norwegian black metal giant "Satyricon" 

Chthonic is a band that has few like it, the kind that heavily infuses Asian themes and instruments into it's music, and some black metal themes, all through i wouldn't go as far as to call them a black metal band. 

Chthonic's two newest albums "Bú-Tik" and "Takasago Army" are in my opinnion, just damn great albums.

This is how you look when driving to see Satyricon.

It was amazing to finally see this band live, and the last time they were in Finland was six years ago, so that's basically the scope of how often a band like Chthonic comes to Finland. They received a fantastic support from the crowd, clearly i was not the only one excited to see the band live. I'm a huge fan of Freddy Lim's vocal work, as his vocal range is just amazing, and he still sounds surprisingly clear live. He's just a beast, if only i could sing as well :I

They did say that they would try to come to Finland more often, and seeing them play in a bigger stage would be really cool, or even Tuska... Godsofmetalhearmyprays...

With Chthonic using so much instruments from Asia, you can't just go playback with all of the live, and so, the singer played this violin like instrument, which name i do not know, but owning one would be so damn cool :>


Nice red eye thing there.....

As Satyricon stepped on the stage and started to play the into of the new album "Voice of shadows" i noticed that Satyr apparently plays the guitar while doing vocals live, but he doesn't do that with all the songs, actually he played the guitar during three songs if i remember correctly, and they did it all Maiden style, with three guitarists. And why shouldn't he, since he definitely is not just a vocalist, having played the guitar, bass and keyboards for Satyricon since the band came to be in the forests of Norway.  

As with Chthonic, Satyr seemed like a really nice guy, saying how he appreciates the everlasting support of fans worldwide and so forth, he also cracked jokes like "Now, my Finnish is flawless, i just don't speak it on a Wednesday"

Even the security guy in the middle seems to be happy to see Satyricon :P

One just can't pass up the opportunity to see Satyricon live. And, as with Ensiferum, Satyricon was today confirmed (What are the chances?) to be playing at Tuska festival, so i'll be seeing those guys again really soon....

I even got to meet Doris Yeh (Bass) and Freddy Lim (singer) of Chthonic after they're show, just before Satyricon destroyed the stage, let me tell you, they are some nice people. As it usually is with metal, people who play what is possibly the most brutal genre in existence, and dress the way that would make most grandmom's go through a hear attack, are in most cases, really damn humble and nice people.  

Doris Yeh.

Freddy Lim.

Freddy even told me that the show was one of the best ones of they're tour, made me feel proud of my fellow Finnish metalhead /../

Had to abuse the light to get the signatures showing properly.

Got my copy of "Bú-Tik" signed by Freddy and Doris. That's just awesome :)
Phew, what an amazing night, too bad i won't be attending any live shows in about two months, since there really aren't any bands playing that interest me in the slightest :( But i think i'll manage :D

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