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The past few months.

Hello! Here's the post i promised about things i did on my free time from the army, obviously i don't have every thing from the past 9 months in a fresh memory, so i'll be telling you about the highlights of the past 3-4 months or so:)

I have a bunch of subjects here, so i'm going to keep each one of them a bit short...

Iron Maiden and my 20th birthday

The first, and one of the best moments of 2013, was me turning 20, and the Iron maiden gig i attendet with one of my good friend in the honor of my birthday. Maiden played in Helsinki, which is the capital of Finland, and about three hours away from us, by car, so the trip wasn't one of the cheapest ones, but Maiden was, for the both of us, a band that we just HAD TO see at least once, and there was a perfect opportunity for it :)

If you did read my first post, it told how important Iron maiden is for me, but i say it again, Iron maiden for me is like the basis of all my musical taste, and a band that got me into metal as a kid.

We got almost front row places too:)

Here's the setlist:
  1. Moonchild
  2. Can I Play with Madness
  3. The Prisoner
  4. 2 Minutes to Midnight
  5. Afraid to Shoot Strangers
  6. The Trooper
  7. The Number of the Beast
  8. Phantom of the Opera
  9. Run to the Hills
  10. Wasted Years
  11. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
  12. The Clairvoyant
  13. Fear of the Dark
  14. Iron Maiden
  15. Encore:
  16. Churchill's Speech
  17. Aces High
  18. The Evil That Men Do

Obviously including the classic live song Fear of the Dark, which was just amazing to sing live with the crowd. Maiden had a "couple" of warm up's aswell, and let me tell you, it was tough as hell keeping those from row seats for the duration of the other bands before Maiden :p and after the show, my legs were dead from exhaustion.

I have to confess, i had no idea what kind of a band Ghost (or Ghost B.C) was, before i saw it live, i didn't have much time to search for more music in the army, so i never stumbled upon it, for those who are not familiar with Ghost: Ghost is a traditional hevy metal band from Sweden, consisting of five "ghouls" and the singer called Papa Emeritus, Ghost is highly praised for their ghoulish imago, which they maintain during a live performance.

The actual names of the members is according to Wikipedia "The nature of their identities is highly secretive and their names have not been publicly disclosed" which adds more excitement to the whole thing, who knows whos behind those masks ;)

I had the chance to see Ghost again at this club in Tampere, the city close to me, but i didn't go since i had something else on that day :I

Ghost did an amazing performance, and i got hooked up instantly, it's nice to discover new music live for once :)

 The second band opening was Sabaton, oh Sabaton, those funny guys from Sweden, i'v seen Sabaton three or four times now, i can't even recall anymore, they are the perfect band to open up for Maiden, as they put out one of the most energetic live shows i have seen as of yet, and they certainly did not disappoint now. My friend also found them a good band, as he had never heard of them before :) And i can't even imagine how awesome of an experience warming up for a stadium full of Maiden fan's was for Sabaton ;)

The last band before Maiden was Amorphis, a Finnish prog metal band, i don't care much for Amorphis, i like a couple of tracks, mainly from the first two albums, but i didn't mind seeing them live, and gave them my support. Amorphis joined the line up later on, the last warm up band was supposed to be Bullet for my valentine, but they canceled and Amorphis took they're place. 

Of course since i just turned 20, we did "some" partying after we got home from Helsinki ;)

The ingredients for "some" partying..... 


Another highlight of 2013 was my trip to Dublin, Ireland, with my father. We were in Dublin for Arthur's day, and if you're from Dublin, i want to congratulate you for having one of the best holidays ever. I'm pretty sure you know what a trip to Ireland includes...

Well if you didn't guess, let me clarify:

It includes some of this...

A lot of this...

All topped off by this:)

We spend five days in Ireland, and saw a lot of awesome things, and i met a lot of nice people :) I love the drinking culture there, i wish we had more of those folk-is live bands to listen to at bars, i just loved that, well at lest we got clubs full of death metal, but this style is a nice change. I should check out some of the Irish theme bars in my city!

Of course i did a lot more than drink in Ireland, i bought a lot of things, i visited some museums with my father and other places like restaurants. 

your basic "look at me, I'm a tourist" pic :p

i have no idea....

One of the first signs i saw when i returned to Finland, good to be back :D

Other gigs:

I did spend some brother - sister time with my little sister, since i had a little time to spend with her because of the military, we went to see what else than good-old Children of bodom, on they're Halo of blood Finland tour, since it's a band we both liked.

Warming up for the boys of Bodom were Lost society and For the imperium, Lost society is thrash outfit from Finland, and i could say one of the rising starts of thrash scene, i also met the guys from Lost society while i was watching bodom and traded a few words with the guys, really nice fellows, right there!

Lost society!

Lost society has an awesome music video of they're song "Kill (those who oppose me)" it's just fun as hell:

For the Imperium is a prog metal-is outfit from Finland, and a fairly new band for me, they were good live, but i'm not sure if i'd listen to them much on my free time, but any band is at least okay live ;)

For The imperium
I have a chance to see For the imperium again live with Medeia, since they are coming to Tampere in a couple of months. but i'm not sure if i will attend, since i don't really care for For the Imperium that much, but if the tickets are cheap enough, i'll go and see them again with Medeia...

Children of Bodom was what it has always been live, amazing. The crowd is just so damn excited and full of energy every single time i attend a bodom show, the people are doing mosh pits, singing together, doing Alexi's solo impressions and all that, everyones just so excited and happy, and i always have this feeling of brotherhood and belonging when i'm partying with total strangers united by metal, of course this is not a thing associated with Bodom only, but bodom is certainly a band i have experienced a lot of it, since i'v seen them five times now /../

I really love this pic!

A crappy photo of me and my awesome sister :>

Other things:

one of the things the military got me into again was reading, i'v always been an avid reader, but i have NEVER red so many books in about 5 months, since i had free time in the army every day fron 18:00 - 22:00, which i had to spend at the barracks, i basically spend them doing four things: The gym, jogging, spending time with my team and reading. I red all the books below in seven months: 

The song of ice and fire (Game of thrones) 1-5, Assassins Creed 3, The night angel trilogy and Penpal.
I just fell in love with The song of ice and fire, making it one of my favorite book series ever :)
just wow...

I also got a new guitar from a friend with 30€, the guitar is basically a shitty cheap-line Stratocaster, and i just got it as a guitar to fool around with, i changed the strings and slammed it full of stickers :D

I also bought an used keyboard from this store that sells used up items:

It's not too fancy, but i can certainly learn some songs with it ;)

And this just HAD TO BE the first thing that i learned. I love the song, and it's an awesome thing to listen to in your car at night while driving through a snow fall :)

There we go, that covered some of the most important things of the past 9 months, of course i left a lot of things unwritten, like new albums and metal news and so forth, but i will keep on posting about the things i do in my future normally, not skipping things like that :)

Thank you for your patience!

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