Monday, December 16, 2013

The past weekend.

I had quite the weekend, with little time to do nothing but have fun.. The friday i headed out with one of my best friends to see The hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, which was really damn good, only thing that bothers me is that it has little to none to do with the actual book, which i have read, but then again, pushing three movies from the original The hobbit book would have been impossible to pull off.

I also really like the song at the credits, which was Ed Sheeran's "I see fire".

The saturday was awesome, we had tickets into an Ensiferum show, for some reasons that are beyond me, both of us hadn't seen Ensiferum before, all trough we both think that it's an amazing band.

Here's a few words about Ensiferum for those not familiar with it: 

Ensiferum (meaning "Sword bearer" in Latin) is a Folk metal band from Finland, formed in 1995 by Markus Toivonen (whos remains the only original member of the band), Sauli Savolainen and Kimmo Miettinen, Ensiferum was a cover band before they persuaded a guy called Jari Mäenpää to play the guitar for them and to do vocals.

With jari Mäenpää and a bunch of other new members, they created records "Ensiferum" and "Iron", which are in my opinion the two best Ensiferum records ever and one of the best albums of the whole Folk metal scene.

In 2004, Jari Mäenpää left Ensiferum to focus on his side project "Wintersun", and created Wintersun's first album and later went on to create Time pt.1, Jari is currently working full time with "Wintersun" as his main band. Jari was replaced by Petri Lindroos, a Finnish guitarist and a vocalist from the band "Norther", much later down the road, Norther split up due to all the members of it being too focused on other projects.

Many feared that Ensiferum would not carry on with all these member changes, and after all, Jari Mäenpää was the main songwriter and a huge part of the band, but they managed to pull it off, and have, since Jari's departure, made three albums and are now possibly doing better than ever, with a huge fan base all around the world.

Ensiferum was just amazing to see, and they sure did know how to handle a crowd, fun times were certainly had, which is obvious with the near 20 years of experience they have. 

Heres the set list of the evening:
  1.  Into Battle  
  2. In My Sword I Trust 
  3. Windrider 
  4. Unsung Heroes
  5. Burning Leaves
  6. From Afar
  7. Treacherous Gods
  8. Twilight Tavern
  9. Ahti
  10. Tumman virran taa
  11. The Longest Journey (Heathen Throne, Part II)
  12. The Longest Journey Outro
  13. Encore:
  14. Wanderer
  15. Bamboleo
Including obvious classics like "Windrider" and "Into battle", i still kind of hoped to hear songs like "Iron", "Battle song", "Token of time" or "Hero in a dream", but you can't play every song in one evening;) And besides, i have the chance to see Ensiferum again, in the June of 2014, since they will be playing at, what is probably the biggest metal festival in Finland: "Tuska", which i will be attending!

To prove how un-serious this whole genre is, Ensiferum played they're cover of Gibsy King's song "Bamboleo", which was just hilarious live, everyone was jumping around during the chorus and the whole song was just so fun.

Those damn hats were the final touch to the awesome cover song!

"One more magic potion"
I also bough a nice cup to drink my magic potions from....

Here's to the amazing weekend:

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