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Like i said in my last post, i'll go through Krisiun's whole discography and do some writing on the subject, without further ado, here we go: 

I discovered Krisiun somewhere during 2010 i think, and i can say without any doubt in my mind that Krisiun is one of those bands that just keep on getting better and better over the years, the drumming has always been extremely good, brutal and fast, and the guitar work should be right up there in the top names of death metal. And along with that they have maintained the exact lineup (With the exception of  a guitarist, who worked with them before they're first full length) infect, Krisiun's line up contains three brothers, yup, Krisiun is a band formed by three brothers, so it probably would take a little bit more then an average fight to break up this band. 

Krisiun was formed in 1990 in Brazil, by Alex Camargo (Vox/Bass), Moyses Kolesne (GTR) and Max Kolesne (Drums). Alex uses his mothers maiden surname for some reason.

And here are the boys!
Let's get this show on the road:

Black force domain
(Released: 1995)

The most unholy debut creation of Krisiun, "Black force domain", solely engineered withing the parameters of 90's death metal, it has it all, the endless blast beat, the pure death metal riffing, the satanic visuals and lyrics and i shall say that it's an evil piece of work. The influence of legendary "Altars of madness" can be heard in the guitar sound, riff styles and the phasing of vocals, and to no ones surprise, Krisiun has listed Morbid angel as one of they're main influences, among bands like Slayer, Sodom and Kreator. The guitar work is paving the way for the guitarist that Moyses is about to become, and when he's not delivering your solid death metal riffing, he's showing off his ability to sweep and tremolo pick.

The album even has actually good instrumental song called "Infamous glory", that features some really dark sounding bells, insanely fast and high tremolo picking, and a backing melody that's really evil sounding too, and closer to the end there's extremely evil sounding organ part too. The downside of this one would be the fact that the drumming can become a bit too monotonous at some points but overall, it's really solid death metal release.

Here's the instrumental track in all it's glory:

Favorite tracks: "Black force domain", "Blind possession" and "Infamous glory"

Apocalyptic Revelation

The second coming of Krisiun is just as brutal and fast as the first one, all trough they don't quite have that "raw" Morbid angel sound, but it's still really steady record. The drum sound has been upgraded since "Black force domain", and now sound way, and that is highlighted during moments like the intro of "Rites of defamation" , the double bass and the snare sounds just as good as they should. The guitar work is somewhat more technical than in the first one, but not too technical for pure dm, and they maintain a perfect balance between technicality and brutality. Lyrically, the album is more "mature" so to speak, it's not so bluntishly direct as Black force domain was, but this one still has it's "satan" moments, still, the main "concept" seems to be the utter destruction of all mankind.

As it's predecessor, this one too feature's an instrumental track, called "March of the Black horde", it's different from the instrumental track of the first album, still has the epickness in it, but it's not quite as "Evil" sounding as "Infamous glory" but it's really catchy, and must be hell to play on drums :)

Not my favorite piece by Krisiun, good stuff non the less.

Favorite tracks:  "Apocalyptic victory", "March of the black horde" and "Rites of Defamation"

Conquerors of Armageddon

Here's a great one, still improving the all ready good style of they're music, this time with some melodies, effects, even more brutality, and a bit different guitar tone, even small melodic moment's and even more memorable riff's. It's brutality the whole way through, it gives no mercy or takes no prisoners, it holds a lot of force to it, and is one of the corner stones of Krisiun's career. The cover art is the best one of the three albums, still showing hints about the blasphemy that Krisiun delivers with massive-fucking-force.

Favorite tracks:  "Abyssal gates", "Cursed scrolls" and "Hatred inherit"

Ageless venomous

Also the first Krisiun album i bought.

What? A Krisiun album that actually has calm intro, can't say that it's a bad one either, fits well if you ask me.
 the main problem with the album is the drum sound, the double bass doesn't sound nearly as "heavy" as in they're earlier works of carnage, and the overall drum sound is quite "mechanical" so to speak, but that makes the album lot less "messy". Still, "Ageless Venomous" has it's moments of glory, for example, the riffing and the drumming in the beginning of "Dawn of Flagellation" is really great, and the slides are even greater after them. The bass is way more audio able in this album too, which sounds great, and the album features probably one of my favorite instrumental tracks by Krisiun, and just listen to it, that's the sound of walking the fine line between not breaking your acoustic and beautifully and skillfully playing it:

Overall, not a bad album at all, just a little bit different from the rest...

Favorite tracks: "Ageless venomous", "Dawn of Flagellation" and "Diableros"

Works of carnage

Works of carnage! what can i say? The superb drum sound is back, while still keeping the "cleaner" overall production from "Ageless venomous", and during this album Krisiun started to pay close attention to song structures, and the increasing "groove" in Krisiun's music, while simultaneously not sacrificing the absolute brutality that Krisiun has formed to be. The cover art of "Works of carnage" is without a doubt my favorite Krisiun artwork ever, just look at it. awesome. The album also features a bunch of "Drop and go":s i.e in "Wolfen tyranny" which, if used the right way, just add to the brutality.

The weaker sides of this one are the "filler" tracks, called "War ritual" and "Shadows", "War rituals" has the potential to be a good instrumental track, but the feeling is gone soon after the beginning of it. And "Shadows" is just slightly above average solo. Another weak point is the outro, which just sounds damn weird and out of place. The album also features Venom cover called "In league with Satan", which is really damn groovy and gatchy, all through it doesn't fit the atmosphere of the album, or even of Krisiun at all, but it's a cover so that's in some way understandable, and "Sweet revenge" is just a really bad song in my opinion.

Favorite tracks: "Ethereal world", "Slaughtering void" and "wolfen tyranny"


In my opinion, this album is the weakest one that Krisiun has but out,  it's just slightly above your normal death metal cd, and get's pretty repetitive, but like i said, it's still above average.
The album starts up with amazingly catchy drum pattern, soon followed by the double bass and some cymbals. The next song "Natural Genocide" has this really fast and great sounding "mini-solo" so to speak. The third track has a similar thing, or close to it, really good sounding too. H.O.G has a really nice drum intro to it too, and it's my favorite track from "AssassiNation"

The instrumental tracks on "AssassiNation" fall to the same genre as the ones in "Works of carnage", they're just not catchy enough, and they lack the "meaning" of your usual Krisiun instrumental, they are both just minute long, or less, and again, feel like they mean nothing and are really out of place.

Favorite tracks: "Bloodcraft", "Natural Genocide" and "H.O.G"

Southern Storm

Here's Krisiun, kicking they're music up a few notches, and they are clearly going to the better direction after "AssassiNation". The music on this one is overall way more groovier, and way more memorable, and have totally lost the "Mechanical" sound of "ageless venomous". The mixing is just perfection, the guitar sounds just as good as it should, and the bass drums are triggered to sound massive, and the drumming overall is outstanding. There are some extremely headbangish moments like "Sentenced morning", "Combustion inferno" or "Origin of terror" Just listen to the force of nature that is Krisiun:

Unlike the past two releases, whit they're awful minute long instrumentals, "Southern storm" actually contains really amazing piece of one minute long acoustic instrumental track.

Favorite tracks: "Sentenced morning", "Combustion inferno", "Bleeding offer", "Origin of terror" and "Whore of the unlight"

The great execution

The great execution is probably my favorite release from Krisiun, and it's a pack of relentless onslaught, the drum work is at its absolute peak, as are every other instrument on this album. The whole thing fires up with "The will to potency" and it has a really great acoustic intro too. Upon listening to this album, i cant help but to think how much Krisiun's musical style has changed during these couple of albums, the album is in no way repetitive and it's filled with memorable moments in songs, epic sounding, yet brutal riffs and the astonishing drum work. And it wont really matter which song i will describe to you, they're all damn great.

Here's a sample:

Overall, Krisiun as a band is a force to be reckoned with, and i wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to any fan of brutal death metal and death metal. Excellent stuff!

Favorite tracks: "The will to potency", "The great execution", "Descending abomination", "The extremist", "Sword of Orion", "Violentio Gladiatore" and "Extincao en Massa"

Favorite Krisiun releases in the following order:

1. The Great Execution (2011)
2. Southern storm (2008)
3. Conquerors of Armageddon (2000)
4. Ageless Venomous (2001)
5. Black Force Domain (1995)
6. Works of Carnage (2003)
7. Apocalyptic Revelation (1998)
8. AssassiNation (2006)

That's more than enough about Krisiun. Earlier today i picked up the mail, and this package was awaiting for me:

The Faceless: Autotheism & The Faceless: Planetary Duality.
The Faceless is a band that i'm extremely fond of, and they're album "Akaldama" is one of my favorite albums ever. Say what you say about The Faceless, but i fucking love them :)

Let's end this one with "Little metal things" number 1039:

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