Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Boys night out \o/

Today was quite the day, first of all i had to work ten hours straight so that kind of sucked, but at least i made some nice cash, after i was done with all the work i picked up my friend and did what every man should have done, head for the closest city, eat greasy, fat ass food and go to a metal show :)

Yeah, healthy and all that...
After the meal of most healthy proportions, we headed for the venue close by. The band of the day was Accept, the heavy metal veterans from Germany, i'm not the biggest Accept fan, i mean i don't have any reason not to like them, just that i really never did listen to them more than like a couple tracks per year, mostly consisting of the obvious classics like "Metal heart" or "Balls to the walls" and the two newest albums called "Stalingrad" and "The blood of the nations" both of them contain some really heavy riffing (for heavy metal) and a lot of choir vocals. I'll always try to attend any metal show close to me that has a band that i even slightly like playing, just for the sake of going to a live show's, supporting the music that i love, and well...because it's awesome.

Opening act for Accept was an Estonian folk metal band called "Metsatöll" which is a band i have given even less attention than Accept, but alas, their live show was really good we didn't manage to see more than like 15 mins of Metsatöll, cause we came in a bit late, they were way better than i expected, and they even have a damn bagpipe player :) 

...And now, dear passengers, on the right hand side you can see the most metal bagpipe player in  human history...
The venue was the same old venue i have attended many times, i really love those middle sized venues, it's way easier to get a good spot at the audience, and even if i somehow managed to stay at the last row, it would still be relatively good spot, but i'v always gotten a place from the first, second, third or fourth row. And if someone would do a poll, i would in 90% of cases prefer those middle sized venues over huge football fields, the 10% applies only to huge bands like Iron maiden or Rammstein, in those cases i would take the damn football field.

Accept played a huge set list, that lasted for two hours, which was more than i expected, but i can't complain, it was really fun, the songs that i did recognize were "Teutonic terror" "Hellfire" "Aiming high" "shadow soldiers" "Stalingrad" "no shelter" and the obvious encore's "Balls to the walls" and "Metal heart" so basically every song that i wanted to hear was played.

Obviously there were more songs, but i couldn't  name them, i just yelled the chorus as they did, and tried to mimic them and threw the horns and enjoy the music, i can't stand people who go to live shows just to stand absolutely still, not expressing any sings of actually being in a live show, and it must suck for a band that's playing too, even if i don't know the music throughout i will still aim to look like i actually am in a metal show.

During that two hours of sweat, clapping, yelling and furiously fisting the air, it became clear that these guys knew how to "play" the crowd, the singer made the crowd yell the choruses, going all "harder!" and that, the lead guitarist Wolf Hoffman (who looks like Bruce Willis) made all these facial expressions of his during his solos, which were many, kind of the same thing that Galder of Dimmu borgir has with his....Face? The bass player and the lead guitarist even had this nice "duel" in which the guitarist opened with a small riff, then muted his guitar and the bassist would play just a bit more complex riff, and then the guitarist would play his and so on for a long time, it was a blast to listen (: and there was quite long bass solo at some point too.

Just look how happy shredding that guitar makes him!

Overall, it was just as awesome and fun as i thought it to be, and i don't regret going at all :)

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