Monday, October 29, 2012


I got up, went outside to get the mail, and damn, the weather here in Finland just keeps getting better and more beautiful.  

A couple of days ago i accidentally discovered this really awesome melodeath band with a touch of brutal in it. Called Inferi:

Inferi features: Jack Blackburn, who is the current drummer for Vital remains, and did the drum works for Enfold darkness, which is a band that i really like, both guitarist's are ex Enfold darkness and the Bass player is current Enfold darkness, and you can really hear the sound of Enfold darkness in this one. Really awesome stuff, and just listen to that drum sound. The guitar work is outstanding, and even that is an understatement, the solos are really melodic, and actually good, there's a couple of instrumental piano and clean gtr parts and even classical guitar parts, which i think are a big part of tho whole melodeath thing. Try it out yourself:

And now, coffee + Inferi!

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