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Here i am, once again, and i'v got a nice bunch of news for you, and this will be a long one. i'll just start this off with the one that i like the most: 

Kalmah to enter studio!


During the next January, Kalmah will be heading out to the studio, to record their seventh album, which is to be released during the spring of 2013. This, for any melodeath fan, is great new's, as Kalmah has never but out a bad album, atleast if you ask me. And at the end of September, they will be releasing a new song from the album!

I'll write a small summary of Kalmah here, for those who don't know who they are:

Kalmah is a Melodic death metal band from Finnland, formed in 98, and since that they have been creating awesome albums with a pretty solid phase. For me, Kalmah is one of the top melodeath acts out there, altrough few bands can still beat them, but overall, Kalmah is really decent melodeath. I'm a big fan of Kalmah's use of guitar and keyboard work, and the melodies which they produce, here's a little bit of opinion about their albums:


Swamplord is the debut album of Kalmah, released in 2000.

here's an example that proves that debut albums can be awesome, Swamplord is filled with complex, and incredibly melodic riff's, drumwork which i'll guarantee, will not get boring, keyboard melodies and parts that make you feel like you're listening to opera (evil in you ending, Alteration beginning). The keyboards wont annoyingly "over-rule" guitars, and are infact mixed below the guitars, which is nice for once :) altrough, there are moments in which keyboards are in their full glory (Heritance of Berija, Evil in you, Dance of the water etc)  Kalmah are also huge users of dual lead guitar melodies, which they execute close to perfection (again, in Heritance of Berija for example) There are some pretty clear Children of bodom moments (Hades for example), but never too much, Kalmah definitely have found their own style of music, and tend to be way more melodic the Bodom, and posses a completely different style of riffs, and lyrically Kalmah is way better too. And that epic spit in the final seconds of the final track, hah!

Favorite tracks:  Evil in you, heritance of Berija and Alterations.

They will return

Amazing colors on this one

Second album, released in 2002.

This one is taken to a bit more "brutalish" way of melodeath, and is certainly way more aggressive as "Swamplord" but still not sacrificing any of the awesome melodic aspect of Kalmah, you can also clearly hear some thrash metallic moments (closer to the end of "hollow heart" the beginning of "They will return , and "the blind leader" intro) The solo work is as strong as on the first album, if not even stronger (Swamphell,). As with the first album, there are some bass solos too, which are always fun. There's also a lot more tremolo riff's on this album. There are also some extremely ambient keyboard bits, like in "Human fates" which is probably the most melodic song on this one. 

Kill the idealist, which is my favorite track on this one, truly shows the essence of Kalmah. Fast, aggressive, extremely melodic melodeath with some thrash moments. 

There's also some slow moments (my nation), which the first album didn't really have. Which all but add to the variety and the reach of Kalmah's musical style. 

The album ends with a cover of Megadeth's "Skin o' my teeth" which is a clear hint about the musical influence of Kalmah. 

Favorite tracks: Swamphell, Principle hero, human fates and the blind leader.


Released in 2003. 

The album starts up with one of my favourite Kalmah riff's ever, which is the intro of Heroes to us, the whole song is really good too, but i'm not a big fan of the "Salyer -ish" solo of it, but then again the album has some really good solos, like in "burbot's revenge (starts at 2:29). This album tends to be a bit slower than the two earlier ones, and more heavier. It's really different record then any other Kalmah record, and the record that has the most "COB moments" ("doubtful about it all" and other keyboard parts mainly) But still, i can in no way say that it's a bad album. The production is the best one so far, every instrument sounds absolutely amazing, and the mixing is really solid too. There are some "weaker" moments like the start of "Cloned insanity" and the "Gothic" song, "Moon of my nights"  or the "happy" keyboard tune at some points, but then again there are some extremely awesome moments like the beginning of "The third, the magical" or Heroes to us" intro riff. Overall, i think that this is the weakest release of Kalmah, but still, not a bad record. 

Favorite tracks: Heros to us, Burbot's revenge, The third, the magical.

The black waltz

An angry looking old man!

Released in 2006. Probably my favorite Kalmah album.

The album starts up with really aggressive song called "Defeat" that certainly leans towards Nightwish styled keyboards (which is not a bad thing), the song ends with an awesome keyboard melody being backed with guitars (which, with Kalmah, is usually the other way around). The COB feel that Swampsongs had is completely gone in this one, (again, a good thing) I cant help but feel that somewhere during the making of "Swampsongs" Kalmah truly found their current style, this brutal form of melodeath, with really strong keyboard melodies, backed with amazing heavy and melodic riffs. "Bitter metallic side" also has some really great moments like the alternating between guitar and keyboard both delivering epic melodies after one another, almost like they're competing which one kicks more ass. And i really love the way the "melody" in which the lyrics are sang, backed with the "creepy" keyboard sections. There's also a small folk metal moment in the beginning of "Time takes us all" (Vocals), and the same old thrash influence moment. 

This is also the first Kalmah release to feature an instrumental track, called "svieri Doroga" which is really melancholic Iron maiden sounding track, played with clean gtr's. and the whole track sort of acts as a passage to "the black waltz" which works really well. 

So, "The black waltz" which is an amazing beautifully orchestrated.title track, and probably the slowest song on the album, but still, it's a really good song. Followed by "With terminal intensity" which bears an odd resemblance to "The black waltz", or atleast the intro's keyboards do. But then the song changes into this really heavy sounding song, featuring the drumbeats, which are backed with keyboards. The next awesome moment of this album is found on the intro of the next song "man of the king" It starts with these basic, guitar chords begin repeated (Em or E, probably), backed with keyboards, and seasoned with a nice bass slide and a nice bend with a guitar right after it. This song overall has somekind of power metal feel to it. 

Yet again, Kalmah fails to dissapoint. 

Favorite tracks: Defeat, Bitter metallic side, The black waltz, Man of the king and Mindrust.

For the revolution 

Released in 2008, Another style change for Kalmah, i feel like they tried to get closer to the really fast sound of the two first albums, and did just that, which wasn't necessarily a good move. The album starts up with the title track, which has some nice pinch harmonicas at the intro, the track also contains some Folk - ish chorus vocals. For the revolution is another Kalmah release that is not top notch stuff, it simply lacks the trademark epickness of Kalmah songs (Evil in you, Heroes to us, Bitter metallic side or The black waltz to name a few),  But, again, it's not a bad release, it contains some gems like For the revolution or Holy symphony of war, which both feature the amazing chorus vocals, "Towards the sky" and the intro riff of "Outremer". Rest of the songs are more or less unmemorable, with exceptions, of course, but nothing groundbreakingly good. Another plus for this one is that the bass is mixed differently then on the other records, taking on the OSDM bass mixing approach. The last track on the record "like a slave" is also pretty good on the melodic side, with its violin - like guitars and the chorus vocals that are in a big position on this album.

Favorite tracks: For the revolution, Holy symphony of war and Like a slave.

12 Gauge

Released in 2012.

12 Gauge starts up with a nice clean gtr melody, which quickly escalates into the brutal form of melodeath which 12 Gauge is. Taking on the more "darker" approach that we alredy know from "Swampsongs" and "The black waltz". This is the Kalmah sound that i love, filled with heavy riffs, melodic riffs, atmospheric keyboard work and killer vocals. "One of fail" demonstrating the epic Kalmah trademark atmosphere that definitely makes Kalmah one of my favorite MDM acts. Some minus points goes out to couple of solos on the album in (Rust never sleeps for example) the solo sounds way too "American"? (no offense) I can't think of another word for it, just that it somehow doesn't really fit to the atmosphere. "Swampwar" even has some kind of a black metal feel to it, or atleast the intro riff. "Better not to tell" is a more calm track, the intro starts up with this riff full of bends, that sounds kind of sleepy, the track overall is not too aggressive, and the nice intro riff is used more then once on it. The title track starts up with clean guitar's that are enchanted by the riff in the background, and after a while, the song really starts up, with some nice tremolo 0's on the E string paving the way for the real riff. This track also contains the chorus vocals, that "For the revolution" contained. 

The next track "Sacramentum" contains an intro of biblical proportions, that soon explodes into a nice melodic riff. And overall the keyboard melodies of this song are really "calm" so to speak. Featuring a really nice solo. A nice end for an nice album. Except that this is not the end of the album, as it still features a cover of Thin lizzy's song "Cold sweat" which is executed with this Rock & roll style spiced with a little Kalmah (and tapping) 

Favorite tracks: Rust never sleeps, One of fail, 12 Gauge and Sacramentum

Favorite albums of Kalmah in the following order:

1. The black waltz (2006)
2. They will return (2002)
3. Swamplord (2000)
4. 12 Gauge (2012)
5. For the revolution (2008)
6. Swampsongs (2003)

Overall, as i said, Kalmah is probably in the top 5 Melodeath bands that there is, with every album containing some pretty amazing songs, all i have to say is that after 12 Gauge, i'm REALLY looking forward to this new album.

And there are the boys from Kalmah.

Soreption new album cover:

 Another really amazing thing that i found was the new Soreption album art:

And holy shit! That's really, really good. As it appears, Soreption's second album will come out in the early 2013. And this is something that i never saw coming, but am really happy that it's happening.

Here's what Blabbermouth said about Soreption:

"Formed in 2005, Soreption unleash their surgically precise and unique, razorsharp voilence with technically and artistically advanced riffs topped off with in-your.face brutal vocals, leaving the listener nothing short of stunned and ready to bow down to the mature display of how death metal should be played"

And this is 100% accurate. if you haven't heard about soreption, i tell you, if you like techdeath, look them up. You will not be disappointed. Here's a track from their first album (Deterioration of minds) Youtube's quality is shit, but give it a try non the less. 

Even their demo material is absolutely fantastic. 

Soreption's demos
It contains four songs, which are named........ 1,2,3 and 4. The song "4" contains probably one of the most memorable blast beats ever recorded, and if i had to provide a 10 second clip for anyone explaining what blast beat is it would be this:  

1:46 for exemplary blast beat.

And here's the last bit of news:

Aeon streams a new track from "Aeons black"

Oh, Aeon, The angriest band in the world right after Deicide, with lyrics that go so much over the top that i'm not sure if i should be concerned or laugh, (i do the laughing). Still, "Rise to dominate" and "Path of fire" were more than solid good ol' death metal releases. + "Bleeding the false" has probably the most satanic country song ever created.

Aeon's fourth baggage of hatred and anger will be cast upon this poor world on November 20 trough metal blade. And it will be titled "Aeons black" It will contain 15 satanic mantras, which is really a lot for any band. 

Here's the song list for the new album:

"Aeons black" track listing:

01. Still they pray
02. The Glowing Hate
03. The voice of the Accuser
04. I wish you death
05. Garden of sin
06. Neptune the mystic
07. Nothing left to destroy
08. Passage to hell
09. Aeons blacl
10. Dead means Dead
11. Sacrificed
12. Aftermath
13. Blessed by the priest
14. Maze of the damned
15. Die by my hands

And there's the new artwork of Aeons black, it's okay to say the least. But in no way can beat the album art's of "Rise to dominate" and "Path of fire"

On the right we can see the artwork of "Rise to dominate" which is my favorite release from "Aeon" and on the left we can see the artwork of "Path of fire" which comes right behind Rise to dominate. Both are really good baggage's for any fan of Death metal.

Aeon released a new song from aeons black earlier this month i think, called "Aeons black" which i actually found really boring, the main riff is okay, but the problem is that the song has close to no diversity at all, which kills a good song.

The newest track released called "Still they pray" is a bit better than "Aeons black"

you can hear the new song, and read the interview here:

And here's the summary for "Still they pray"

It starts up with your basic Aeon riff, lots of fifth chords, tremolo 0's and hammer on's, at 0:35 you can hear Tommy delivering his trademark DM growls, on a side note, i'm a big fan of Tommy's singing style, he doesn't slip into this category of growlers that go so low that you can't make out any lyrics at all, his growling is close to perfection, and his high pitched growls are really solid too, altrough they could be used more often. The drum work is good too, the blast beats sound superb, and the drum sound is awesome. At 1 min mark, we can hear another "trademark" of Tommy's, those vocals that are sang really fast and high up, (probably two vocal tracks, the deep growling on the background and the high pitched in the front) And soon after it a really fast and small solo, or a bit of the solo, which is played in its entirety soon after, including the small part which came before the actual solo. And again, around 2 minutes, we get a fine demonstration on how to growl. Afterwards there's some groovines to be heard, as this new riff comes about. The chorus is your basic Aeon chorus, nothing more nothing less. Overall this one is an okay song, nothing amazing or special, but nothing bad either.

Enough news for one night, i'm off!

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