Monday, October 15, 2012


Today has been one busy day, my family had this idea to renovate our sauna, as you know, sauna is the ancient torture device employed by the Finn's.

First of all, i had to take the benches of the sauna away, and rep-paint the old wall to the right in the picture.

I also messed around with the painters tape.
After i was done with the painting, i used this sandpaper grinder thingy to grind the wooden benches, making them look like brand new and softer.

I also shaved my beard with that thing....

After a couple of hours and a few thousand sawdust infested cough's later, i installed the benches back, and now it's looking brand new!

Afterward's i red some Inferno, which is a metal magazine here in Finland, and as i told you yesterday, played some Amon amarth, i chose to learn "Free will sacrifice", probably because "Twilight of the thunder god" is by far my favorite Amon amarth release. 

Oh yeah! i also blasted all kind of brutal dm, and drove a motherfucking tractor. Because i can!

What else? oh yeah, i browser a lot of different metal related new's sites, and there's almost always something interesting to be found (and to be written here!) This time it was Luna ad noctum's new record deal. 

But before that, a word about the awesome bunch of Polish Blackened ANYTHING:

I love the "Polish" scene of symphonic bm / Blackened death, stuff like, Crionics, Thy disease, Abused majesty, Behemoth, Devilish impressions, and bands like those, + the Polish arsenal of such band's seems to uphold some sort of twisted fashion (which i love)  of their own, probably started by Behemoth but i can't be sure. I mean just look at them:

There's good ol' Behemoth, with the general "Polish" look, lot's of white and grey color's, huge medieval-ish armors, and all that.

There's Crionic's, another one of Poland's elite, and just look at the overall color world of the picture, white and grey.

And here's the last example, Devilish impressions, again, lot's of white, you must bee seeing the similarities by now, And damn, every band has at least one member with a similar beard then Orion of Behemoth (Right)
Crionics : second guy from the right, and the left on too?, and Devilish impressions: the guy on the left and the one on the right, but not so much as the left one . I guess this is just the Polish "look" of BM :) And its fucking awesome if you ask me.

Luna ad noctum

So yeah, Luna ad noctum, probably not a band many are familiar with, and i can kinda see why, since they most definitely are not the elite of Symphonic bm, but still a band that i like :) Formed during 1998, first full length during 2001,  three albums in total, containing a couple of gems, but overall pretty much your basic SBM. It would appear that they just signed a record deal for Massacre records (Darzamat, Illdisposed, Legion of the damned, Sinister to name a few) The album will be the fourth one they have released, and it will be cast upon the world in February 2013. They have already published the cover art and one track.

                        And there it is, a thing of beauty, and definitely the best one by them so far.

So, there's the new track, called "In Hypnosis" starts up with a riff that i actually don't like at all, but it get's better after the vocalist starts to deliver his proficient Black metal vocals, backed with the good ol'  tremolo picking, which is more or less a safe bet for this kind of music, and with some much lower growls (backing vocalist?) which create some nice diversity to the track, and the singer can definitely work with the guitarist to create this groove-ish storytelling. The drum work is a step up from your typical BM drumming, but nothing amazing (the drummer is from Abused majesty, so he certainly is not a beginner with this stuff) Around 2 mins a small, creepy  keyboard "effect" can be heard, i'm a big fan of these "small" things in songs, which are never repeated again, and you just have to find them out yourself, even tho this one is a bit obvious, but a nice touch non the less. Closer to the end we can hear some nice (possibly pinch harmonica) bending, which is another thing that i love., around 3:50 we have these Dimmu borgir - Puritania - ish, kind of a cliche vocal effect, but that's only used once so i don't mind.  And then there's another small keyboard passage to the solo, which wraps the whole song up. 

Overall, if the whole record is as solid as this one, we are looking at more than decent Symphonic Bm release! 

And now i'm off to devour some noodles! 

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