Sunday, October 14, 2012


It's Sunday, the worst day of the week, but as it appears i'm currently not working, so i can't complain. 

I spend the weekend with friends, mostly playing resident evil 6, which quite frankly was disappointing as a game, but it didn't really matter, co-op is always fun in the right company. Came home, and basically spend the Sunday watching Dexter, and listening to this stuff:

If you haven't heard Revocation, and if your'e a fan of Thrash influenced Death metal, go check them out!

I love their Aggressive drummer and the fairly technical guitar-work, and those oh so thrashy chanted choruses (I.e Dismantle the dictator), actually interesting solo's +their albums are mixed close to perfection, the snare and double-bass sounds just as "tight" as they should, and the bass sounds awesome too, and some of the songs contain nice bass solos, i.e Existence is futile.

I love that bright red Jackson Warrior!

I'm not a huge fan of David's (vox / gtr) singing style, but it doesn't bother me really, and other than that Revocation is more than your average Dm / thrash band. The only thing that i REALLY hate is, that Revocation played in Finland last week, but the venue was in Helsinki (The capital of Finland) which is about 3 hours away, or 1.5 via train, so i really can't go there unless it's weekend (or i'm free for the next day), and obviously, Revocation played on Thursday, and i had an awesome 6.00 am wake up at Friday, so i didn't go for it, but if i get the chance, which i probably will someday (i hope), given the growing popularity of this band, ill definitely go and see them!

Oh yeah, revocation released a new music video quite recently, and after watching it, i have to say that these guys have an awesome sense of humor too!

I'm off to learn some Amon amarth!

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