Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Status report!

It was quite the weekend, i spend the Friday  over at one of my friend's place, fooling around, listening to music and playing the guitar, mainly testing the new Cs-40 i bought a couple of days before that.

Now there's a fucking manly pose to play the acoustic :P

Quite the bard's we were! 

I also got started on the newest Assassins Creed novel. Like i have stated, i'm a big fan of those novels :)

Came home on the Sunday, discovered a bunch of new band's, tried to get this funny chord progression down and around the evening i took my family's dog out for a run. 

There's the beast himself, he's a Siberian husky, been with our family for a long time, really nice dog.

I'm one of those persons who actually enjoy going on a run at night, it wont even get that dark during the night's if the moon's out and the sky is clear, and i absolutely love to run in the bare moonlight, while listening to music through headphones, and another plus is that there's NEVER anyone else around at that time, i couldn't count the times i'v sang the lyrics for something absolutely ridiculous when on a run at night :)

The next day i woke up to this view:

Snow. Amazing. I fucking love snow. I'm actually more of a winter person, although i don't really have anything against the summer, except ridiculously high temperatures, but overall, winter is my favorite time of the year. I got up, and had to run a couple of errands for my dad, the first one not being that nice :P

I needed to clean the holding pen of our goat, yeah, we have a goat. 

Good morning to you too, fine goat.

And then i had to retrieve this baggage for him, the views were absolutely amazing!

There's nothing quite like the misty woods, at night or during the day, instant atmosphere for listening to viking themed metal, or anything calm and relaxing. Hah.

Got back home, and that's when i noticed it, a baggage, from Nuclear blast....  holy shit.... I knew exactly what's it contained, and i was more then excited! 

Wintersun's Time 1. Something i, and countless others have been waiting for 8 long years, and after going through it, i have to say that it's an amazing piece of music, different from the first record, but i cant say that its not as good, since i loved Time 1, it's filled with amazing melodies, a bunch of good riff's,  the only problem with it is the fact that it's a two part album, and that the second part wont release until 2013, and Time 1 surely will leave one waiting for more:)

I'll do a thorough review of Time 1 sometimes soon...

I bought the Nuclear Blast mail order limited edition thingy, with the actual record, an instrumental version of the record (which is actually good, because i like to listen to music while i read, but if the music has vocals on it, they will most likely distract me, because i instinctively follow the lyrics, and that distracts me from reading the actual bood)
And a Cd that contains all kind's of extra stuff, you know, your basic extra cd + a nice chapter going trough some of the riff's and drumming tricks of the record.   

And i also bought 15 Dimmu borgir stickers, purely on the heet of the moment, + they are really cheap, 3 euros for 15 stickers. I'll hand a couple of them to my friends, and i already gave one for my sister. Well see what i'll do with them :)

That's it for now 
Frosttide - Fields of snow, for the glory of the first snow fall!

Frosttide is a Finnish epic folk band,  it's a band that i really would love to see catch on, and become a known band around the metalheads of the world, and record more stuff :)

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