Thursday, October 11, 2012

The beginning

It felt appropriate that my first post should be about me telling something about myself and the overall direction of this blog.

But lets start about me, i'm an 19 years old guy from western Finland, and like i stated in the "about me" thingy, music is the absolute center of my world, i listen to it, i play it, i search it, i sing it, i draw it, i write it, i study it, i collect it and i love it, its a constant factor in my life and something that i will not give up.

About the blog: i will be posting mostly metal music related stuff, like new's, reviews, opinions and all that comes with it.

Still missing "few" studios :/

I'v been a metalhead since age 9, when my mother bought me Iron maiden's Fear of the dark cd, and that was it. That one cd probably played a huge part in my musical taste and ultimately my persona, which largely revolves around my musical taste. And the song "fear of the dark" is probably the most "meaningful" song for me, and Iron maiden is still one of my favourit bands of all time.

So about my musical taste, i am not someone who patrols around the internet pointing fingers at people or bands and accusing them of not being "true metal" or anything like that, i detest ignorant people who are carrying out this inquisition of alleged true metalheads. As long as you're a nice person in general, i wont have a problem with you. I'm also a guy who listens to
basically any form of metal (and rock), Death metal, Symphonic bm, bm, Thrash, gothic, osdm, power metal, ambient, tech death, folk, melodeath, i listen to it all, and love it all. With the exceptions of Doom metal, 90% of deathcore, screamo and anything with      pigsqueel vocals in it:)

My CD collection so far, plus a couple of other things not music related.
And like i have stated in the "about me" i'm always open for band suggestions, but ill have to say that my musical library has grown quite huge, which means that asking if i like Amon amarth, Behemoth, Nile or Immortal would be pretty pointless :) But fire away, and well see if i have it / if i like it!

I picked up the guitar earlier this year, as you can see, my guitar is an Ibanez RGR321-EX, which is a decent guitar to say the least, the hardware is excellent for a price of which i bought it, it keeps the tuning well, it has two Ibanez Infinity series pickups, which are pretty okay, not excellent but not bad either, i'm looking into changing them, but don't know about that one. + the guitar is really light too.

My amp is a Roland Cube 40xl, and i must say, its an amazing amp, it has two channes, the JC Clean and the Lead channel, with a huge load of different setups: Tweed, Brit Combo, Black panel, Classic stack, R-Fier, Acoustic simulator and Extreme. It contains more than enough efx's, reverbs, delays, loopers, which is absolutely amazing, you can basically record whatever it is that you're playing and then have the amp repeat it, useful for playing backing guitars for example. The amp also has a tuner in it.  

I'm also looking into buying a mic and a pre amp for it, so that i could do vocal covers, which i already do, solely because i love to dig deeper into the layers of music, lyrically or otherwise. I just don't record it. I got my growling technique down around two years ago, and i'v been improving it ever since. 

What else is there to tell about me, hmm, during winters i do downhill skiing, which i'v done since age 13 or so, its actually shitloads of fun. I also play some games, my absolutely favorite genre being stealth based games like. Hitman series, Splinter cell series, Metal gear solid series, Assassins creed series, Thief series and so forth, but i also enjoy the occasional action packs like: Resident evil's, Halo's, Mass effect's, The elder scroll's and so on. I love to play through the games on the hardest difficult, it really makes you think, and dig deeper into the mechanics of the game, and upon failure (which are many, with certain games) adjust your tactics and approach of the obstacle and so forth. I love that stuff. 

I also read whenever i have the time for it, i love the novels based on Assassins creed series, and i have all of them, except AC3, because i want to play the game before the book, i also read horror books occasionally. 

So yeah, there's a bunch of info for you, whoever it is that's reading this. I shall end this "discussion" with a nice piece of Hypocrisy, and i think that the name is quite appropriate.

(Copyrights wont allow me to embed this video into the site, so ill just go with the good ol' hyperlink)

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